Indonesian Symposium on Robot Soccer Competition 2013

Bioloid As a Humanoid Robot Soccer

(Ing. Ridho Rahmadi, Kom., M.Sc, Deny Rahmalianto, Sari Nuralita Nahrin, Adhya Pranata Sakti)

Abstract – Bioloid are kit robot that widely used in development humanoid robot soccer. Bioloid provide design, material and programming tool that can be helpful during the process of robot making. The provided application are Roboplus Motion and Roboplus Task



        The Indonesian Robot Football Contest (KRSB) is one of the robot contest in Indonesia since 2009 with the initial name KRCI Robot Battle. The main purpose of this robot contest  is a national qualification to represent Indonesia in the international Robo Cup arena (1)

        Bioloid robot is a set of educational robot kit which provided by Robotic Company (2). Robot kit consisting several part and can be assembled in accordance with the wishes, normally used for the developments humanoid soccer.  In addition, also provided a variety of tools that can help during the development of the robot.

Programming motion of Bioloid robot using an application that has been provided by the robo-plus. The application of the movement has prove in  many examples of the movement,  like walking, kicking, and so on. In the other hand, this application also need  developers to develop  the desired movement.
The movement of Bioloid robot  can be performed with manual or automatic. Manual movement can be performed by using the joy-stick which has been provided at the time when we purchase the robot kit.  Its controlled wireless. While the automatic movement can use sensors that have been provided as a parameter to determine the movement or by adding a new device as a parameter determining the movement. Provided Sensor is the Gyro, IR Receiver and DMS (Distance Measurement Sensor).

for the complete one : dropbox_file_complete



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